Petrus Psychology Professional Corp. is a caring treatment facility presenting children, teens, young adults, parents, and families with the most up-to-date mental health treatment in a safe, supportive and therapeutic environment.  We provide rehabilitation services that address problems at home, school, and in the community, teach pro-social skills and behaviors, frustration tolerance, anger management, moral reasoning, and provide cognitive and behavioral therapeutic exploration.   Our treatment offers our clients and their parents hope and help that is necessary for creating positive behavioral changes.  We are committed to delivering the highest level of care and providing our clients and their parents with a safe, respectful, and supportive environment where children, teens and young adults gain a sense of belonging, competence, responsibility, and empowerment.  At Petrus Psychology Professional Corporation our CLT method specializes in individual therapy, family therapy and parent support. We value the role that parents, siblings, and extended family members play in your child and teens life, hence they play an important role in the collaborative CLT treatment method.

Our CLT treatment method allows us to individualize and tailor a wide range of exemplary outpatient services to your needs. Clients who come to Petrus Psychology may need intensive wrap around psychotherapy services and others may simply want to gain self-awareness with the intention of fostering a healthier, more meaningful, and fulfilling life.

Our Services include:

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