Post Residential Treatment for Teens

The Petrus Psychology Post Residential Teen Treatment Support Group provides a forum for discussion around the process and skills needed to successfully reintegrate into the home community. 

Transition from a residential program to the home community is a critical time for an adolescent.  While in their treatment program, the adolescent has learned new skills and behaviors, but may have had limited opportunities to practice these acquired skills, especially in familiar surroundings, while among family members and their peer group.  If the adolescent is not supported during this re-integration phase, it will be very easy for the adolescent to revert back to self-defeating and maladaptive behaviors.

To assist the adolescent, Petrus Psychology has created the Post Residential Teen Treatment Group.  The therapist works with the adolescent in a group setting to work on beliefs and attitudes, home environment stressors, and the challenges that will arise for the adolescent.

This group focuses on providing support to adolescents who have just stepped down from residential treatment.  This group allows adolescents to keep the concepts and principles they learned as focal point and have a place to process issues they are facing, while early in their post-residential rehabilitation/recovery.

Because human beings are, by nature, social beings, group therapy is a powerful therapeutic tool that is an effective treatment.  Group therapy offers positive peer support; a reduction in youth’s sense of isolation; real-life examples of issues youth deal with; help from peers in creating healthy coping mechanisms and dealing with life problems; information and feedback from peers; peer confrontation; structure;  and the hope, support, and encouragement necessary to move forward.

This is an open and ongoing group that is held weekly.

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