Substance Abuse Class

The Petrus Psychology Psycho-Educational Substance Use Program for adolescents is designed to educate and work with teens on the problems associated with substance use. The class will focus on drug education and on important aspects of Relapse Prevention that are not traditionally covered in inpatient and residential programs.

The model of the program uses psycho-education and cognitive behavioral therapy to help teens understand the negative impacts and consequences that come with substance use. Dysfunctional beliefs are explored and challenged in order to better understand how certain beliefs formulate expectations, which then forms urges.  This time limited intensive class offers teens understanding and hope. Whether your teen is seeking help and understanding for substance use or has been ordered by the courts or school to take part in a substance use class please call today to find out if the PPPC substance abuse class is right for your teen. This program is lead by Dr. Chris Cornell, an expert in substance use in the teen population. For more information please call 805 496-6180 ext 4#.

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