Why Petrus

Petrus Psychology Professional Corporation’s CLT method helps our clients and parents find hope, help, and make positive changes.  Our program is for children, teens, young adults, parents, and families who require the best and most in-depth treatment available.

Petrus Psychology Professional Corporations CLT method is based on treatments that research shows are specifically effective with children, teens and families. Our program help our clients and their parents understand and manage their symptoms, increase personal responsibility, change their way of thinking, and take control over their lives.   We offer a client-centered approach to mental health treatment.  Our approach “meets our clients and parents where they are at” and we work with our clients and their parents, taking into account strengths, core issues and unique personal history to motivate and help identify specific reasons for changing unhealthy behaviors.

We believe that a successful treatment requires skills in the following areas: dealing with emotions, cognitive behavioral reasoning, getting along with others, and problem-solving.  Because we want to foster our client’s success, we focus on helping them develop the essential skills that are needed in order to be successful at home, school and in their community – not just in our treatment program.

At Petrus Psychology Professional Corporation we value the important role that parents, siblings, extended family, and other institutions can play our clients life and development.  At Petrus Psychology Professional Corporation we believe parents are the most important influence in their children’s life.  Parents have the ability to inspire their child to make the changes that will lead to a more fulfilled life.  At Petrus psychology Professional Corporation, parents will learn practical tools that will help reduce family stress, improve family relationships, and increase self-confidence in raising children in today’s world.

At Petrus Psychology we are dedicated to providing the highest standards of personal service to the individuals, parents, couples and families we treat. We are committed to providing our clients with cutting edge services by utilizing:

  • current research
  • best practices
  • empirically based treatments
  • a proactive and genuine approach
  • a holistic view of the client
  • a complete and balanced treatment approach
  • the most advanced and effective mental health treatment in a safe, supportive and therapeutic environment

Our clients trust us to:

  • deliver highly comprehensive, responsive, and personalized care
  • put their well-being first
  • treat every person with the highest degree of care and respect

At Petrus Psychology our staff is carefully selected based on their dedication, training, and commitment to delivering quality services. We work together, cooperatively to offer the most thorough treatments possible.

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