Post Residential Treatment for Parents

The Petrus Psychology Post Residential Parent Treatment Support Group provides a forum for discussion around the process and skills needed to successfully  help your teen reintegrate into the home, school, and community environments. 

Transition from a residential program to the home and community is a critical time for an adolescent.  To assist the parent(s), Petrus Psychology has created the Post Residential Parent Treatment Group.  Group leaders works with the parent(s) on creating the necessary change for better outcomes.  Parents gain important information on how their concerns, beliefs and attitudes, home environment stressors, and the challenges that may affect their teen.

This group focuses on providing support and the necessary tools to parent(s) whose teen has just stepped down from residential treatment.  This group offers parents an environment of support; a place to talk about real-life examples; help from professionals in creating structure and a healthy home environment; information and feedback from other parents; and the hope, support, and encouragement necessary to move forward.

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