Adult Play Therapy Group

Prominent mental health professionals have recently pointed out that the three prime pillars of mental health are love, work, and play. Each of these three great realms of human behavior are interwoven, enrich one another, and contribute to psychological and physical health.  By “playing,” we invite ourselves to participate in a wholistic process that starts at the top: incorporating both hemispheres of the brain, stimulating the endocrine system, which is responsible for smoother digestion and respiration, and enhancing connection between mind and body.  Research shows that adults who know how to “play” and access creativity have higher self-esteem, increased productivity within the workforce and one’s personal life, and lower levels of stress (which contribute to decrease in risk of cardiovascular disease and certain cancers).  In a society of adults who so often forget to stop and play, adult play therapy provides an opportunity for individual growth that is often so rare to find.  The Petrus Psychology Professional Corporation adult play group is a 10 week interactive group that focuses on increasing client’s self-care and self-awareness through play therapy and psycho-social discussions.

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