Therapeutic Behavioral Specialist

The Therapeutic Behavioral Specialists provides individualized service to children and teens to assess and remediate identified behavioral challenges which interfere with successful integration into the home, school, and community settings.

The Therapeutic Behavioral Specialist implement behavior coaching strategies, interventions, and management plans in order to:

  • build trust,
  • assist in modifying behaviors and in overcoming maladaptive behaviors,
  • increase a more secure sense of self,
  • increase self-worth,
  • increase healthy ways of dealing with difficult feelings,
  • increase frustration tolerance,
  • increase anger management skills,
  • increase moral reasoning,
  • increase individual responsibility,
  • increase acceptance of limit setting,
  • increase appropriate self-expression,
  • increase appropriate behaviors and interactions in social situations,
  • model and teach appropriate social skills,
  • model and teach appropriate personal competence,
  • provides positive experiences.

Therapeutic Behavioral Specialist also provide:

  • classroom observations to identify triggers in school that cause maladaptive behaviors,
  • help with job applications, cover letters, resumes,
  • sibling support – giving the client’s siblings a forum to problem solve and deal with difficult feeling they may have about client. 

Therapeutic Behavioral Specialist works closely with clients, families and the Petrus Psychology treatment supervisor to determine goals and ongoing success.  Services are currently provided in the office and will soon be offered in school and other community settings.

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