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Violent video games and the brain

As video games continue becoming more violent and increasingly realistic and as technology improves the controversy over whether or not violent video games are potentially harmful to players increases.  These debates have even made it as far as the Supreme [...]

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Teen Suicide

The reasons behind a teen’s suicide or attempted suicide can be complex. Although suicide is relatively rare among children, the rate of suicides and suicide attempts increases tremendously during adolescence. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that [...]

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Strategies of the request….

Foot-In-The-Door (FITD) and Door In-The-Face (DITF) are sequential request strategies used to increase behavioral compliance. The Foot-In-The-Door (FITD) theory is based on the Consistency Principle, which states once a person agrees to something they will usually stick with it.   When [...]

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Bath Salts

In the last few months, federal and state authorities have started seeing what the media is calling the newest fad to hit the shelves of convenience stores, discount tobacco outlets, gas stations, pawnshops, tattoo parlors, truck stops, the internet, and [...]

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Facts about drugs and drug use.

Facts about drugs Narcotics: Narcotics (such as heroin, morphine, Oxycontin, etc.) are used to dull the senses and reduce pain. Narcotics can be made from opium (from the opium poppy) or created in a laboratory (synthetic and semi-synthetic narcotics). Stimulants: [...]

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Marijuana is the most commonly abused illicit drug in the United States. It is a dry, shredded green and brown mix of flowers, stems, seeds, and leaves derived from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. The main active chemical in marijuana [...]

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Parent Tip – Letter to Initiate an Assessment

This is a standard letter to initiate an assessment for an IEP process. Continue reading

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Teen Driving

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers, accounting for more than one in three deaths in this age group.  In 2009, eight teens ages 16 to 19 died every day from motor vehicle injuries. Per mile driven, [...]

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Teen Binge Drinking

According to studies from the U.S. Department of Justice, binge drinking accounts for 90 percent of all the alcohol consumed by teenagers. These underage drinkers don’t sip a drink slowly, they take it down quickly and the effects can be [...]

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Teenage Narcissism

During their teenage years adolescents are naturally self-involved, putting their own needs before those of anyone close to them and passionately insisting that they are right.  However, are our teens more self-involved than we were?  Did we spend as much [...]

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