Parent Tip

Parents who:

  • offer their child an accepting, caring, comforting, and protecting environment,
  • offer consistency, structure, and regularity of daily routine
  • do things regularly as a family like going out to dinner, playing games, etc
  • set reasonable and firm limits
  • encourage their child to make friends,

create a well developed child with a secure sense of self, are trusting, cooperative, self reliant, helpful towards others, and feel worthy of being helped when in need.

Parents who:

  • are persistently unresponsive to their child,
  • are rejecting,
  • persistently threaten to withhold love to control their child,
  • persistently threaten abandonment,
  • threaten their spouse with divorce,
  • induce shame by claiming the child’s behavior is responsible for parent illness

create an environment in which the child is expected to take care of the parent(s) offer their children a deviant pathway on to which a pattern of anxious attachment develops.

About Steven Petrus

Dr. Steven Petrus is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in psycho-educational assessment, child, adolescent and family therapy.
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