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Teen Anxiety

Anxiety and stress levels in teenagers have drastically increased over the last few decades. As the pressures of the world around adolescents have increased, more and more teens are facing health problems both on the physical and on the emotional [...]

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Temperament is what?

Temperament is an inherent part of a child’s character and can be shaped but not changed. Understanding and learning about different temperaments is important because it affects you as a parent, your child, and the relationship between you.  Temperament shapes [...]

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The Adolescent Brain and Substance Use

Adolescence is a time of profound brain growth and change. It has been shown that the brain of an early adolescent compared to that of a late adolescent is different in the areas of anatomy, biochemistry, and physiology. As the [...]

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Parenting Tip – Notice the Positives!

How many times a day do you, as a parent, have to correct your teen’s misbehavior with statements such as “Stop that,” “clean up your room,” or “how many times am I going to have to ask you to put [...]

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Video Games and Violence

Video games are becoming more violent and increasingly realistic as technology improves. In 2008 it was reported that 97% of young people ages 12-17 played some type of video game, and that two-thirds of them played games that contained violent [...]

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