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Prescription: Exercise

Dear Petrus Psychology, Is exercise important for people who have ADHD? Significant changes take place in the brain during physical activity.  Afternoon sluggishness can often be treated with a quick jog around the neighborhood.  During exercise, the brain’s dopamine and [...]

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Consequence vs. Punishment

Consequences are different from Punishments because consequences teach children to learn from their mistakes rather than making them suffer for their mistake. Consequences guide a child’s behavior and help children learn about the results of their behavior.  When used correctly, [...]

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Parenting Part 1 – “Does how I parent really matter?”

The type of Parenting Style a parent uses can positively or negatively affect a child’s level of confidence, self-worth, sense of security, interaction with peers and authority figures, and sense of self. Research has shown that Parenting Style has been found [...]

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